Thorncroft Saved Our Son's Life

We say this often. Sebastian was born prematurely. It was a poetically long, hard yet beautiful first year of life and by the end of that first year we were participating in ten therapies a week...  making close to no progress. We were heartbroken when at his first year visit to the pediatrician we said "no" to his every single question.

At 11 months of age...  Sebastian started riding at Thorncroft. He is the youngest rider they have ever had. Within four months of starting on his favorite pony Bruno, Sebastian started walking and talking. There is no question what made the difference - it was the riding. It was as if his body woke up. There is no pain quite like seeing your child struggle to do the most basic tasks. Thorncroft took this pain away from our family.

Sebastian is doing great now. He is in a full day Kindergarten. He loves reading, math, soccer and his horse. He has come so far since that first day on Bruno; yet we will never forget what helped him get there. We will be forever grateful to Thorncroft for enabling Sebastian to meet his full potential.

-Kevin & Melissa Bilash