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We won "Best Horse Back Riding 2017" from Mainline Media News!

2017 Mainline Medianews Award  

PA Special Olympics - 2017 Summer Games

TECSpecialOlympicsTeam2017The first weekend in June, our Special Olympics team travelled to Penn State to compete in the Pennsylvania Special Olympic Summer Games.

Congratulations to our competitors, coaches, horses, parents, and families on a very successful weekend!

Gold = 7 Medals
Silver =8 Medals
Bronze = 4 Medals
4th place =3 Ribbons
5th place = 2 Ribbons

For complete results, please click here.

Thorncroft Center Takes the Lead

Thorncroft was selected to test a new-patented delivery technology (TransEpi®) that demonstrated success in delivering topical vitamin D in people. Similar to human athletes, horses suffer from low vitamin D. The delivery technology avoids the stomach, which reduces vitamin D absorption and mimics the natural solar delivery of Vitamin D through the skin but without the sun. In people TransEpi® delivered vitamin D even when accompanied by sun protecting ingredients.

Top line results showed all of the horses in the study had substantial increases in Vitamin D, increased energy and improved mood after only 35 days of product application. "This study embodies Thorncroft's vision as a premier leader in enhancing the performance and wellness of horses and people" remarked Marge Gardner, CEO of Avidas Pharmaceuticals, the study’s sponsor. Avidas is collaborating with the Complete Equine Health Service in Coatsville, PA to publish the full study results.

Read full article here.

Special thanks to Kistler-Tiffany

Since 1998 Thorncroft has been the grateful recipient of gifts from the Kistler-Tiffany Foundation. On April 5, 2017 Saunders and Sallie were invited to their annual fundraising event where they were asked to share Thorncroft’s mission and work with many new friends. Special thanks from Thorncroft to Kistler-Tiffany for this wonderful opportunity!

Saunders Sallie